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Nickelodeon Secrets
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I hope everyone had a very happy New Year. And now...on to secrets! Because of last week's hiatus there are quite a few in here :)


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Hey everyone!
I apologize for not posting up new secrets in the previous week. I'll actually be posting them now permanently on Sundays at 7 EST.
So make sure to get your secrets in!

Hey everyone!

Happy holidays, and thank you for turning your secrets in. I realize that I said I'd post the secrets around 30 minutes ago but I was doing a bit of holiday baking :)

We'd only received 11 secrets but hey, 11 is greater than none and greatly appreciated ;)

And now...THE SECRETS!

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks again for joining the community and thanks for turning in secrets! If we get past 15 earlier then I think we can post them earlier than tomorrow ;)

Just seeing if anyone out here is good at making layouts and graphics? We need all the help we can for this site! If you help it will be greatly appreciated/credited and more!

Thanks everyone and remember to turn in your secrets!!!

Ali, the Nick Secrets mod

Hey everyone!

I just want to thank you all for joining Nickelodeon Secrets! Your top source to post how you really feel about Nick stars...

We are now accepting secrets to be posted into our first entry. We will be posting as soon as we get 15 since it's the first week.

Now...for the rules:

1.) Make sure all secrets are under 700 x 500 pixels.

2.) Submit all secrets to this e-mail address: 


All secrets will be put into the photobucket account anonymously

3.) Secrets will be posted 9 PM EST on Wednesday this week (Yes, Christmas Eve!!) since this is our first post.

Make sure you have your secret e-mailed before 8 EST on Wednesday

Thank you so much everyone,
Have a happy holiday and happy posting!

- Ali, the mod

PS credit of my AMAZING Sam/Freddie/Seddie icon goes to: mizufae

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