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Nickelodeon Secrets
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January 2009
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Anyone good at layouts? We need your help!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks again for joining the community and thanks for turning in secrets! If we get past 15 earlier then I think we can post them earlier than tomorrow ;)

Just seeing if anyone out here is good at making layouts and graphics? We need all the help we can for this site! If you help it will be greatly appreciated/credited and more!

Thanks everyone and remember to turn in your secrets!!!

Ali, the Nick Secrets mod


I'll make some header graphics or banners or what have you, but I'm terrible at coding things, so I'll need to know stuff like pixel dimensions and preferred file formats.

I am trying to come up with a secret that won't immediately get me recognized and ostracized, but none are coming, yet. I will just have to wait till this thing gets busy enough to slip in among the masses.